Yao (幺)'s Circuit Playground

Number of qubits

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2 => X
put gate `X` on location `2`
2 => rot(X, 0.5)'
put daggered `Rx(0.5)` on location `2`
(2,3) => SWAP
put a `SWAP` gate on location `(2, 3)`
begin ... end
put a sequence of gate
2 => rot(X, :α)
put a rotation gate (symbolic)
5=>C, 4=>C, 3=>Y
put a control gate
(5=>X, 6=>X) + (5=>Y, 6=>Y) + (5=>Z, 6=>Z)
addition of operators, this is a Heisenberg term.
For more, see the `parse_ex` function defined in YaoBlocks