Instruction Reference

Instruction definitions

The Julia functions and symbols for instructions

$y \mathrel{+}= f(args...)$PlusEq(f)(args...)$\oplus$
$y \mathrel{-}= f(args...)$MinusEq(f)(args...)$\ominus$
$y \mathrel{\veebar}= f(args...)$\texttt{XorEq(f)(args...)$\odot$

The list of reversible instructions that implemented in NiLang

${\rm SWAP}(a, b)$$b, a$
${\rm ROT}(a, b, \theta)$$a \cos\theta - b\sin\theta, b \cos\theta + a\sin\theta, \theta$
${\rm IROT}(a, b, \theta)$$a \cos\theta + b\sin\theta, b \cos\theta - a\sin\theta, \theta$
$y \mathrel{+}= a^\wedge b$$y+a^b, a, b$
$y \mathrel{+}= \exp(x)$$y+e^x, x$
$y \mathrel{+}= \log(x)$$y+\log x, x$
$y \mathrel{+}= \sin(x)$$y+\sin x, x$
$y \mathrel{+}= \cos(x)$$y+\cos x, x$
$y \mathrel{+}= {\rm abs}(x)$y+

"." is the broadcasting operations in Julia.

Jacobians and Hessians for Instructions

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